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 August 11,2018
It' been a wacky summer has it not? I made a promise to update this site on at least a weekly basis.....NO...never happened!...best intentions though.

This has probably been the busiest summer ever for us, and we are supposed to be down sizing somewhat....but anyway everything is moving along nicely, the heat has been a bit worrisome  but as I have mentioned in the past we do not suffer as much as some folks due to our heavy clay soil which seems to hold the moisture better than most under these conditions. Everything is a few weeks late but harvesting peas, beans, potatoes, a few onions, Swiss chard, etc and the crop seems bountiful as in other years.Tomatoes and some of the longer maturing crops will be later than normal but are still doing fine.

Hay and grain are also okay, but the hay is down a bit this year,I assume due to the lack of rain earlier,we have had some good rainfalls over the last few days that will help everything... wicked thunderstorms though in the past couple of weeks,haven't seen anything like it since i was a kid....grand kids were fascinated by the displays of heat and chain lightening with no fear what so ever.

Went for a walk around the property last week with the intention of checking our livestock electric fence lines for trouble spots and ended up noticing a lot of changes on our property, ones I had not taken note of as detailed as we had in our (younger) earlier days here. Perhaps the ageing process makes us more aware of our surroundings or we have a bit more time to appreciate the landscape as we slow down a bit......

Its the small things that result in big things i can see now....I'll explain...

Our conversion or enlightenment as to organic farming took place shortly after we moved here.To be clear though,organics were not front and center at the time. we wanted rural living and the lifestyle that went along with it complete with gardens, livestock, pets and the kids. We had no experience other than coming from a country environment as kids ourselves. Naive to say the least, we attacked the project with nothing but energy and enthusiasm. The first challenge in 1982 was a garden, animals,chickens, etc would follow shortly but the garden was priority one!

Remember what I said about inexperience? In 1982 we plowed and harrowed and planted a garden, all within a month or so......... and it grew along with every weed known on the planet,especially grass which of course was the original inhabitant of that particular piece of property. we harvested mostly grass that year with a few vegetables we could find as well.

This takes us to lessons learned and the next year we discovered in our seed catalog an item guaranteed to kill all such garden weeds with a single application, so we ordered the product with the expectation that we were now trouble free from here on.As planting time approached we carefully read the instructions on the cans including warnings about handling with gloves and face masks and a through washing up after using.........wait a minute....what the hell is this stuff anyway? We needed info and this was before the internet so we definitely were not about to use it until we understood clearly what it was all about.