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 The farm was purchased by Dick and Jacquie Cleveland and family late in 1981 and by the time all the legal stuff and title was transferred, we had made a “uninhabitable house” (not our words but the numerous banks who turned us down for financing) a somewhat suitable habitat! Many thanks to a friend in the banking industry who believed in us and our dream….Thanks Al.

As time goes on, we will be relating some bizarre, humorous and pretty scary stories of our now 37 year old adventure.

The property has quite a history behind it and the name we gave it came from an old map dating back to the early 1800’s that called the hill and settlement above our farm Bunker Hill, It seemed a pretty obvious choice since the Bunkers had been farming this area for at least 150 years and were the historical owners of our property and much more land along the Sunpoke Rd.

We bought the farm from the estate of Wendell Bunker, who lived and worked this farm his entire life. His operation included cattle and mixed farming but in the late 1930’s(we think) he developed the fields for growing seed potatoes due to its isolation from major potato growing areas, therefore eliminating major concerns for disease introduction we were told. Again we will be relating stories of the history of the farm as time and research permits later.

During renovations to the house we found many historical treasures that we will feature as time goes on as well, including letters from the young men who left the farm for Europe and the First World War.

Bunkerhillfarm is situated at 364 Sunpoke Rd. in Rusagonis Station and covers 300 acres bordered by the Sunpoke Rd., Dewitt Rd. and the Mersereau  Lake Rd. and overlooks the Sunpoke Lake and the Oromocto River.